Network Marketing Tips: Selling! Why Are We So Afraid of This Word?

What is the BIG DEAL about selling?

I hear it all the time in the network marketing industry: “We are not selling.” People in the selling business try to convince people, and we don’t convince anyone. We “refer” or “help” others. I am not against using the word “helping” instead of the word “selling”, especially doing so as a means of assisting you psychologically with how you approach prospects for your network marketing business. But, the fact remains, we are still selling.

What is all the fuss about?

Make no mistake about it! Network Marketing is a form of selling. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Now before you get your knickers in a knot, let me explain. I agree that network marketers are not traditional sales people. And being a “salesperson” involves a great deal of trying to convince someone to purchase your product or service. It is a very hard-driven, commissioned-based industry. Chances are, if you don’t make the sale, you go home, figuratively speaking. In the network marketing industry, we are definitely NOT trying to convince anyone to become involved with our business. Because if you have to convince them to join your business, you will most definitely have to convince them to work.

And who has time for that? We are most definitely involved in the referral business. But let’s be clear about it. When we are referring our MLM business opportunity or products/services to others, we are attempting to influence their decision. And anytime we try to influence the decision of someone else, then we are selling. Darren Hardy, Publisher of Success magazine said recently, “…selling really isn’t as complicated or mysterious as we make it out to be. Selling is simply about influencing an outcome.”

Now some of you may have some issues with the term, “influencing.” You shouldn’t. Think about it. When you are referring your MLM business to prospects, do you not tell them about all the great attributes of the business? Do you not talk about the financial freedom that is possible; the free time you could possibly have; the fine people you will meet; the improvement of your personal development? Of course you are! You are most certainly not telling your prospects about the negative aspects of the network marketing industry. So by advising people of all the positive aspects of the industry, you are attempting to influence their decision to become involved, and in doing so, you are selling. AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!! There seems to be such a negative connotation to the word “selling” when it’s associated with the network marketing/MLM industry. We sell every day of our lives in so many different aspects. Let me give you some examples:

When you are trying to get that big raise from your boss, you are selling.
When you are trying to convince your spouse as to why the household needs a 75″ big screen TV, you are selling.
When you are trying to convince your children that a trip to the museum is far more exciting than one to the amusement park, you are selling.
We have all become so adept at selling ourselves, our stance, our opinions, beliefs etc, that we don’t even look at it as selling. We do it all as second nature. But I am certain that you would have no qualms about referring to these situations as selling. But place a MLM business behind your comments and then no way is it selling. We all have to STOP being so defensive when anyone refers to the network marketing as selling.

Remember, the governing bodies of network marketing companies in Canada and the USA are called the Direct Sellers Association and the Direct Selling Association respectively. Do NOT hide behind the euphemism’s that many in the network marketing industry use when they are asked by a prospect, “Do I have to sell anything?” Be proud of what you do! Be proud of being a member of the Direct Selling industry! I know I am. If you have enjoyed this article, please fell free to share it with others.

Wishing you great success.

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