Direct Marketing Products With Value

The internet has clearly delivered a marketing opportunity never before realized by businesses both large and small. The ability to advertise, inform and interact with the target market makes the internet second to none. Live TV marketing programs share some of this capability, but the internet is always on, and always has what the consumer wants to find. Network marketers including those associated with MLM companies are enjoying growth like never before. Entrepreneurs have a wide range of choices in the goods and services they can share online. A few of them have selected direct marketing products with value and focus their attention exclusively on the top tier of available choices.

The salesman in the desert selling water has a distinct advantage over the multitude of used sand lot owners. With a product that is clearly in demand, we would expect water inventory to remain consistently low. Yet because of the landscape it is sometimes difficult to see the water company behind the sand dunes.

Every time a new product or service is launched these days, an internet marketing campaign is included. Then it seems like another three or four companies spring up online the next day offering practically the same thing. The abundance of choices also brings an abundance of information. People who search online for anything expect a great deal of information and a multitude of choices. Entrepreneurs, who must decide which product to get behind from a business perspective, also approach the situation like a consumer.

We’ve all made purchases online that either met, or failed to meet our expectations. For the entrepreneur who is choosing to market a particular item, they need to know everything up front before making a decision. In a highly competitive market, selection for the prospective business owner is similar to that of a consumer. Buying into a business opportunity, however, involves a much deeper relationship.

Direct marketing products with value always serve the best interest of everyone. When true, measurable value exists in the product, it benefits everyone it affects. Any product or service of value, finds expression in various places. Exceptional services and remarkable products are always sought after. In order for companies to compete, they must rise to the same standard.

So the entrepreneur asks these important questions:

1. Is it valuable for personal as well as business purposes?
2. Does it ever lose or gain value?
3. What is the consumer reaction?

There are direct marketing products that serve both the individual and business owner alike. Any product or service that affects its user on a financial level would fall into this category. A household budget shares the same goal as a business budget. People desire to prosper and businesses must.

Educational material also serves both the consumer and business owner. When a direct marketing professional has an educational system for sale, chances are they’ve already reaped the benefits it delivers. As the overall knowledge of man continues to escalate at unprecedented speed, the demand for specialized knowledge grows in all markets. The ability to deliver valuable information is a rewarding experience for everyone.

Looking specifically at financial and educational material, it is reasonable to suspect that time can have an effect on the value of that information. As the knowledge base increases, some or all of that information may be subject to change. This is especially true for specialized educational products. Tax laws seem to change every year, and investment advice has to remain constant. Knowledge on how to repair a VCR may be ancient, but technical training for disk players, or TV’s for that matter, changes constantly.

If the product we purchase can’t be upgraded or enhanced, it is like any other product that begins to depreciate. Having a lifetime warranty on an electronic device would definitely affect our decision to purchase. Likewise an educational product, or financial service that absorbs changes without adding expense to the user, satisfies the demand for true and lasting value.

Finally we have to know if it works. Catchy slogans and entertaining advertisements aside, people need to hear from other people what they can expect. All the scientific evidence in the world isn’t going to convince me to buy some wonder tonic if my neighbor is telling me it gave him gas.

People trust people that aren’t trying to sell them something. The individual giving the testimony doesn’t gain a thing by convincing someone else to buy. TV has lost most of its credibility when it comes to parading ‘supposed’ consumers around with glowing, well scripted, endorsements; especially when the viewer can Google the product and read a dozen negative reviews in an instant.

Direct marketing products with value always have the endorsement of the marketing professional. Although this can seem like a car salesman claiming they own the same car, the value in the product can be measured apart for that endorsement. Even the addition of other consumers and business owners giving their reviews, only enhances the perceived value based on measurable criteria; namely, how it helps and why.

The internet market will continue to absorb any and every imaginable product people conceive. Rising to the top, the few truly valuable items will serve both the public lucky enough to find them, and the marketer clever enough to deliver them.

Searching For the Right Direction – Stop Here, You Are on the Right Track

I’m just gonna pull up a chair and chat for a minute, maybe two…

The Search…

There’s been this thing rolling around my head for a few days and I’ve gotta share. Some of you may already know a bit about me, if you don’t, that’s alright too.

Only been around here for a few months. Spent the first month or so just kinda hanging back, watching and trying to learn as much as possible. Felt kinda like the new kid moving to town in the middle of his Senior year…You know, a little awkward.

When I got into this online thing, I was probably no different than so many others…I’d heard just enough about this new world of Internet business that I thought….Well, I thought…how hard could it be?

I was an out-of-work heavy equipment operator with a hand full of bills and a burning desire to better myself. To find the place in life where I deserve to be, and could return the favor and serve others. You see, I had no choice, I was out of options. It was all or nothing…

I was looking for answers… Searching for a better way… Reaching for something I knew was there, yet, I’d never quite been able to reach.

The Transition…

Well friend, I’m here and I’m in this thing for the long haul…

Only a few months into this new chapter and I’ve already begun to find my bearings…I’m getting my legs under me and starting to pick up the pace. It’s kinda like I’ve been spying into the backyard through the slats of the fence. Now, all of a sudden, I’m rolling up on my toes and peeking over the top. I’m starting to see what’s goin’ on back there and I want some of it.

Watch out now…I’ve got my hands up on this thing and I’m gettin ready to throw my leg up and pull myself on over…

There’re so many good people ’round here… So many of ya have reached out to me, showing me the ropes and offering help.

One of the hardest things for me to adjust to has been this medium… This new virtual world…

Remember, all I used a computer for was emailing my peers at work, and using Facebook to post my life shenanigans.

I was at a loss when trying to talk to strangers from behind this screen with a keyboard…And the thought of exposing myself and sharing my thoughts over the internet was absolutely absurd.

On Into 2010…

Now I’m not gonna try to fool anyone here and tell ya’ I’ve got all this stuff figured out. I’m not even gonna tell you I really know what I’m doin’ just yet…

All I know is I’ve committed myself to this thing like nothing I’ve ever done.

I’ve learned more in 5 months than ever before in my life.

I’m happier now than I’ve ever been before, just knowing I’m moving in a positive direction with purpose and passion.

Sure, there’s some anxiety, some apprehension, but folks, you guys are all here with me. We’re in this thing together…

In only a couple months, I’ve built some of the strongest relationships I’ve ever had, with some of the most hard working and dedicated people I’ve ever met.

Everyday is a gift which I willingly throw myself into knowing that I will learn something new from someone who’s already been there. Being able to find groups of like minded people to lean on and learn from is truly amazing.

This New Year represents to me the beginning of my new life…And gang, 2010 is going to be the best year of each and everyone of our lives…you want to know why?

When a group of people come together with a common goal, all working to better themselves and help one another, everyone within that group wins. Period.

My Commitment…

Now, Listen up… I may not have the years of experience ‘building a downline’, or the technical and computer know how of most savy online marketers… What I’ve got is the focus of an eagle and a dedicated heart full of hope. I possess the ability to share my passion with others in a way that offers more than simple encouragement. I’m on a mission to reach levels of success that many only dream of and I’m here to drag each and everyone of ya along with me…

The way I see it, this thing called life is all about helping each other out. If there is anything I can do for any of you, you damn sure better get a hold of me… I’m not only committed to helping out everyone I can along the way, but also to do a part to leave our little piece of the planet in better shape than it was when we got here.

There are so many simple things we all can do to help each other out…and the planet we live on. You don’t have to be a ‘green’, tree huggin’, dirt worshippin’ maniac to want to do your part to help. Heck, just by working at home from behind that computer, you’re already doin more than most.

Women in the Network Marketing Industry

Though the problems in our world’s economy haven’t been solved yet, people are finding an alternative solution to earn money especially women. Yes, in fact, even moms at home are earning money and some are earning a lot of money in network marketing or the direct sales industry.Women, who are re-entering the work force after taking time to raise family (if they were lucky enough to be at home), women who have been downsized, moved or if their spouse is all of a sudden out of work, and are possibly 40 years old or more are having the toughest time with securing a job, with more than part time hours or one that pays half decent.Older women are faced with the reality of they are older, times have changed and their skills may not have been kept up to date, they may have some time restrictions due to the ages of their children, or the shock of maybe only being able to secure a minimum or slightly above wages…….which a single person can’t live off of let alone a family and I haven’t even mentioned child care expenses……sometimes it doesn’t pay to go to work, but then the bills don’t get paid either. Some women feel caught between a rock and a hard place. Those are just some of the reasons that women are taking their financial future and income into their own hands and joining a direct sales or network marketing company.If it is in a direct sales home party company, with one evening out with other moms or adults, and maybe a couple of hours the next day putting in the order, chances are they are making more money than a minimum wage full time job which takes them away from their families. Then there could be one or even two more parties a week, that will only increase the income.It’s true that more and more people, and families are in debt. They have staycations, (you know vacations but they can’t afford to go anywhere so they stay home), are living pay cheque to pay cheque, sometimes living off their credit cards just to make ends meet. So, I may have talked about women being paid less and coming back to a career and finding out their skills are outdated or something else, but in the network marketing / direct sales industry you can set your hours for the most part, you can earn while you learn, you are making new friends and meeting new people, creating new experiences, you are getting out of the house yet not missing all of your children’s events, you can achieve bonuses, cars, earn free products and get recognition for their successes, some of which is missing in some competitive work places.Women come into this industry for their own reasons, and many do well financially, some of the other benefits that come along with it are empowerment, confidence, freedom, friendships, entrepreneurship, trips, fun and memories that are created along the way. Whatever the reasons, the women that make the decision to make this their career are loving what they do.Isn’t that the way it should be?